How Your Credit Score Is Affected When You Have Bounced Checks

Nov 08, 2022 By Triston Martin

How Bounced Checks Affect Your Credit Score Bouncing a check may have serious consequences, including a drop in your credit score. In this case, the good news is that if this is an isolated incident, your credit score should recover quickly once the situation has been resolved. Conventional credit reports may not reflect a bounced check for some time, if at all. Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax are three of the biggest credit reporting agencies in the world. Their primary focus is on data linked to loans, including the lenders you've borrowed from, your payment history, and any public records that may affect your credit. If you've bounced a check, make good on your debt as soon as possible. Your FICO score shouldn't drop as long as you take care of the issue within 30 days and don't make it a habit.

Different Scores

Whenever a borrower applies for a sizable loan, such as one for a car or house, the majority of lenders will look at the borrower's FICO credit score. Other indices, such as VantageScores, have gained traction as well. However, alternatives to traditional credit ratings are proving invaluable to individuals who have never had the opportunity to establish credit and people who are reestablishing their financial footing following hardship. Different credit ratings use factors outside your payment history. Whether you've never borrowed money before, regular payments for rent or utilities might demonstrate that you have the financial money to do so now.


A bad check will appear on your basic credit report at one of the three main credit agencies. Your account may be turned over to collections if you have outstanding bills. Put another way, and your debt has been sold or transferred to a collection agency when your creditor engages or uses one. Your credit score will take a hit from the credit bureaus once a debt collection agency reports a delinquent account on your behalf. The collection agency might sue you, which would harm your credit if it were successful.

Must Straighten Up In 30 Days

Please don't wait for the payee to call you when you bounce a check; instead, get in touch with them and settle the debt immediately. If you missed a payment on a loan (like your mortgage or credit card), you must take care of it within the first 30 days. The credit report will include any late loan payments, which will hurt your credit ratings. To avoid damaging your credit, however, most companies provide you with 30 days beyond the due date to complete your payment.

Other Reports On Credit

Popular credit reporting companies, which are utilized in many loans and employment applications, do not monitor your banking transactions. However, there are more sources of personal data known as "consumer reporting businesses." ChexSystems is one such company, and it keeps tabs on those who have written bad checks or had their accounts overdrawn. In contrast to the other credit reporting agencies, having a ChexSystems report is negative since it only contains information on those who have had issues with their bank.

Bouncing Checks

It would be best if you tried to prevent bouncing checks for many different reasons. You risk lowering your credit score, paying more fees, and perhaps getting into legal problems. Make sure you never let the balance within your checking account be below zero by keeping careful track of your spending. If you sometimes bounce checks, it might indicate that you're too preoccupied to pay close attention to their details. But if it's a pattern, you know it's time to adjust and get back on your feet.

The equilibrium must be restored. Discovering how and when to balance your pocketbook is necessary for keeping track of your financial standing. Unlike your bank, you'll know every penny's whereabouts as it's being spent. Learn to alert yourself. To keep track of your balance and any withdrawals, it's a good idea to sign up for SMS or email notifications. You'll be able to prevent issues by acting before they occur. Safeguard yourself. Continued check bounces may indicate a need for comprehensive measures from your financial institution.


Your credit rating will not drop because of a single bounced check. Whenever a check you write is returned to the bank as "insufficient funds," don't worry about a negative impact on your credit score since it won't show creditworthiness with Equifax, Experian, or even TransUnion. There are numerous ways in which a bounced check might hurt your finances and credit.

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