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Gold status with Hilton Honors is a great mid-level hotel loyalty status. As a member of a Hilton Gold elite, you'll be entitled to free breakfast, room upgrades (if available), and increased rewards at any Hilton-branded property. Thanks to the automatic benefits of the Hilton Honors Surpass Card, achieving and maintaining Hilton Gold status is a breeze. If you're a frequent Hilton guest looking for a co-branded credit card with a low annual fee, the Hilton Surpass is a great option.

Who Is This Card For?

Suppose you stay at Hilton properties occasionally but don't travel often enough to earn Hilton Gold (or Diamond) status on your own. In that case, the Hilton Honors Surpass Card is a great solution. The Hilton Surpass has a $0 first-year fee, then costs $95 yearly, but it comes with some great bonuses for travelers who frequently use Hilton hotels and airport lounges. It would help if you liked staying at Hilton properties, as the Hilton Surpass requires you to earn (and redeem) points through the Hilton Honors program. And it helps if you already know, or are willing to learn, how to maximize your redemptions using Hilton points and Hilton Honors.

What Are Hilton Honors Points Worth?

The value of a single Hilton Honors point can vary widely depending on the specifics of your trip, but we estimate that it is somewhere about 0.05 cents. Value-wise, it's on par with similar hotel loyalty schemes. Hilton Honors points aren't worth as much as other reward points, but they're straightforward to spend, and there isn't even an award chart to worry about. The ability to redeem points for five consecutive nights at no cost is a major perk of this card.

How To Use Hilton Points

Your Hilton reward points will be added to your account 8-12 weeks after you reach the Threshold Amount. On average, a Hilton point is worth 0.5 cents, so if you're earning a redemption rate that's more than that, you're doing well. Your points have the potential for even greater value if you redeem them for stays at high-end establishments.

Ongoing Rewards

When you make a qualifying purchase at a Hilton hotel or resort, you'll earn 12 points. This is subject to the accompanying conditions. You can earn six points on every dollar you spend at American retailers like restaurants, grocery stores, and gas stations. This is subject to the accompanying conditions. Every other purchase is worth 3 points per dollar. This is subject to the accompanying conditions. Points at Hilton hotels are worth $0.06 apiece. This is not a maximum value but a starting point determined by facts. As such, you should prioritize using your Hilton points for redemptions with a value of 0.6 cents or greater.

Hilton Honors points can be redeemed for various services offered by airline partners, auto rentals, and gift cards. Because of Hilton's unfavorable transfer rates, transferring points to airlines is usually not a good use of your points. Similarly, redeeming points on results in a pitiful return of 0.2 cents per point. Check out NerdWallet's Hilton Honors loyalty program analysis to know how to use your Hilton points.

No Free Anniversary Award Night

Despite its tremendous incentives, the Hilton Honors Card does not include a yearly free award night. Spending above $15,000 per year is required to receive a complimentary weekend award night. Look no further if you're looking for a card that offers a free award night with no minimum spending. This card has excellent ongoing benefits, including a free award night on your card's anniversary. Silver Elite status entitles you to additional card benefits and is included at no additional cost. The cost to join is $95 per year.

Airport Lounge Priority Pass Access

The Hilton Honors Surpass Card offers a compelling perk for free Priority Pass membership. Cardholders receive ten complimentary passes per calendar year; additional visits are $32 each. Many travelers could profit from this card because hotel credit cards often don't provide many travel perks unrelated to the hotel. With a Priority Pass, you may relax comfortably at more than 1,300 airport lounges worldwide during your next lengthy layover. Internet access, refreshments, snacks, and baths are free. This perk may be especially useful if you spend a lot of time in airports.


If you're a die-hard Hilton fan, you need to get yourself an application for the Hilton Honors Surpass Card. Once joined, you will receive a sizable welcome bonus, elite Gold status, and a 10-pack of single-use Priority Pass lounge access for just $0 for the first year, followed by a $95 yearly cost. However, you may want to look elsewhere for your credit card benefits if you don't frequently stay at any of the hotels in the Hilton portfolio (which includes everything from affordable Hampton Inn to deluxe Waldorf Astoria).

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