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Oct 09, 2022 By Susan Kelly

There is no such thing as standard vehicle insurance coverage, which is particularly true when insuring historic cars. Cars considered antique or classic are often utilized and preserved in a manner distinct from conventional automobiles. Due to the specific nature of their requirements, collectible automobiles need their own customized insurance plan. More than twenty years ago, Classic Collectors Insurance by Infinity began providing coverage options for collector automobiles and other vehicles. In 2005, the firm, which had been a subsidiary of Great American Insurance from its inception, became an affiliate of Infinity Insurance.

Approximately one hundred people are employed by the business, which has its headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia. Terry McMahan is in charge of senior product management, while Joy Lietch is in charge of customer service management. Infinity Property and Casualty Corporation, the firm's parent company, is a nonstandard vehicle insurance carrier licensed in all 50 states.

Car Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for insurance, non-modified automobiles must have a minimum value of $5,000, while modified and exotic vehicles must have a minimum value of $10,000. A car valued at more than fifty thousand dollars can be needed for an appraisal. Under the Classic Collectors Insurance policy, coverage may be obtained for automobiles that fall into the following categories:


Antique automobiles are those at least 25 years old and have not deviated significantly from the equipment and extras available from the manufacturer. This category also covers high-performance muscle cars, characterized by their two doors, big V8 engines, and production years in the 1960s and 1970s.

Modern Classics

The term "Modern Classic" refers to 15 to 24 years old automobiles that have not deviated much from the standard factory-installed equipment and extras for the model year in question. The majority of these automobiles feature a pair of entryways. If the underwriter gives their blessing, four-door vehicles may be insured.


Exotic cars are defined as being less than 15 years old, being uncommon or having a limited manufacturing run, having two seats regardless of whether they have been modified or not, and seeing an increase in value. These automobiles are considered treasures and are only infrequently put on public display or driven for pleasure.

Street Roads & Modifieds

Vehicles that are at least 20 years old have been modified from their original configurations in a modest or significant way, either mechanically or visually, yet retain their original identity. Images of the bed are required to be given for pickup trucks and jeeps, but these photos may not show any evidence of towing, hauling, off-roading, or utility usage.

Special Interest

These vehicles are at least 27 years old and in show-quality condition. Examples include trucks, jeeps, military vehicles, fire engines, motorbikes, and agricultural equipment.

Kit Cars & Replicars

These automobiles are assembled from prefabricated parts that are bought separately. A car must have been manufactured by the manufacturer or by a respected independent assembly business to qualify. The underwriter reserves the right to request assembly credentials at their discretion.

Alternatives to the Policy Plan

  • There are no mileage limits with the Unlimited Mileage Plan; nevertheless, there are regular use rules to follow.
  • The 6,000-Mile Plan is a more cost-effective alternative to the Unlimited Mileage Plan since it allows only 500 miles per month and 6,000 miles per year.
  • The 1,200 Mile Plan is a more affordable alternative to the Unlimited Mileage Plan, and it provides a mileage allowance of up to 1,200 miles each year.
  • Options for variable plans for Exotics and Kits include 1,000, 3,000, and 5,000 miles of coverage, respectively.


  • Coverage for the Agreed-Upon Value
  • Coverage for Commutes to the Office
  • Pick Your Own Service Center to Fix It
  • Coverage for Recently Acquired Vehicles
  • Coverage for Replacement Parts
  • Coverage that Continues During Your Trip
  • Full Glass Coverage
  • Assistance in an Emergent Situation Along the Road
  • Deals, as well as a Driver's Club Program


Vintage Vehicle Insurance by Infinity offers low prices on classic car insurance, quick insurance quotes, and a range of discounts that may save you up to 15% on your policy premium. They highlight these benefits on their website. The parent firm, which goes by the name Infinity, has extremely high ratings for its financial soundness. Classic Car Insurance by Infinity has been given an "A+" rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), even though Infinity does not have the highest ratings possible for its customer service. The insurance coverage provides you with emergency roadside help.

It comes with several different plan choices to choose from so that it may accommodate the specific ways you utilize your antique car. If you are looking for the greatest deal on insurance coverage for vintage car insurance, this is an excellent choice to consider in your considerations.

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