Analyzing Allstate's Renters Insurance

Oct 14, 2022 By Susan Kelly

It was in 1931 when General Robert Wood, then the president and board chairman of Sears, Roebuck & Co., decided to branch out into the vehicle insurance industry and sell policies over the mail under the name Allstate. The Northbrook, Illinois-based firm now counts more than 113 million subscribers worldwide and is the largest publicly owned personal lines insurer in the United States.

Insurance for Tenants as Standard Allstate

Similar to other insurance companies, Allstate offers basic renters coverage. Renters insurance protects your items in case of a covered loss, such as a burglary or a natural catastrophe.

Also, renters insurance will cover any medical expenses and legal defense costs incurred should someone be wounded on your property. Renter's insurance is similar to homeowners insurance in this respect.

The main distinction is that homeowner's insurance protects the whole house, not just the building. Homeowners insurance will cover the cost of rebuilding your home in the event of a covered peril, such as a fire or a natural disaster. The building is covered by your landlord's insurance, not your renter's policy.

How Much Is Allstate's Renter's Insurance?

As reported by the Insurance Information Institute, renters insurance typically costs $180 per year or $15 monthly. The typical premium at Allstate is based on a plan that provides $30,000 in property coverage, $500 in deductible, $100,000 in liability, and $1,000 in medical payments to others.

For the typical consumer, bundling can lead to even lower prices. The savings from combining vehicle and renters insurance might amount to as much as $4 monthly on your premiums.

Is Allstate's Customer Service Reliable?

Considering a business's customer service ratings is crucial while searching for the best renters insurance provider since you will contact the company to submit a claim and want the claim to be processed fairly and quickly.

Allstate's J.D. Power score is lower than average. Thus the company's customer service isn't as good as some of its competitors. The number of consumer complaints against Allstate is above the norm, as measured by the NAIC Company Complaint Index.

Evaluation of Happiness of Customers

J.D. Power gave Allstate an 833 out of 1000 in its 2021 study of home insurers in the United States. The business scores lower than the sector average of 848 due to dissatisfied customers. This rating was arrived at by J.D. Power after looking at customer service, insurance options, pricing, billing, policy details, and claim satisfaction.

A Measure of Financial Security

It would help to consider an insurance company's financial stability rating since it indicates how likely the firm will pay out a claim. AM Best is a rating agency that assesses the stability of insurance companies and provides credit ratings based on that information. With an A+ rating from AM Best, Allstate has an excellent track record of being able to pay its bills on time.

Allstate Renters Insurance: What To Expect

Because the application procedure for renters insurance varies from one insurer to the next, it might not be easy to find out how to acquire Allstate renters insurance. MoneyGeek has laid out below what to anticipate from the firm to simplify this process.

Obtaining an Estimate

You may obtain a tailored estimate from Allstate right now by providing some basic information on their website. Because we value your time, MoneyGeek has included Allstate renters insurance price quotes below.

Assistance to Clients

You may contact Allstate's helpful representatives, day or night, through phone or electronic mail. Contacting a local agent or visiting the online Help Center are options for learning more about policies.

Declaring Damages

It's simple and handy to claim with Allstate since you can do it online from anywhere using the company's mobile app or your desktop account.

Revocation of insurance coverage

Renters' insurance policies from Allstate can be terminated by calling the policy's agent, who may then require that you put your request in writing.

How Much Is Allstate Renters Insurance?

Renters' insurance premiums are not uniform across the board. Allstate's yearly renter's insurance premium averages $120. In comparison to the annual median income of $159, this is below that level. The easiest way to find out how much renter's insurance will cost you is to call a few different companies and compare the quotes.

The coverage limit you choose for your renter's insurance policy will largely determine your premium. When you ask for a quotation from an insurance company, they will determine your maximum coverage.


Although Allstate is a nationwide corporation, you'll still feel like you're dealing with a friendly neighborhood business when you work with one of our local agents to cover your apartment. Moreover, you may tailor your Allstate policy to fit your needs by selecting the replacement cost value (RCV) or actual cash value (ACV) option for your personal property and the additional coverage you'd want for other valuables in your house.

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