Who should buy insurance the most?

Jun 29, 2021 By Edward Weston

First of all, we must explain that insurance is designed to prevent non-financial risks that seriously affect the goals of the family, or even collapse in an instant. So, who will have an accident, and what will cause such a devastating blow to the family? Of course, it is the backbone of the family economy, that is, the person who earns the most money for the family. Well, there are only two things in option, accidents and illness, right? If your job is not going well, or your investment fails, as long as the moneymaker of the family is still alright, then there will be no devastating impact.

As a result, the correct sequence of buying insurance is derived:

Firstly, it must be the adult before the child. If the child has an accident, we are emotionally hurt, but it will not greatly affect the family economy. As long as the backbone of the family is healthy and safe, he can keep making money for the family. Hence, the family is able to pay the medical fee for the child.

Secondly, you should buy protection first, and then the financial management. The insurance security function must be the first. This kind of risk transfer function can only be achieved through insurance, financial savings and investment, which should be considered after buying sufficient insurance protection. Frankly, no matter how many zeros you have, they will be useless without 1 at the first digit.

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